mind over miles

one of many morning track workouts   one month after the race - we "finished"

“this is the wonderful thing about running, no matter how experienced we are, how fast of how slow: if gives normal folks like us a chance to face fear. to step up to the edge, and to jump. to know that we may not be able to finish something — or to know that we’ll suffer en route — and to do it anyway. not because someone is forcing us, not because we have to, but because we choose to.

we do it knowing that we’ll either succeed or fail. success will mean elation. but even failure will leave us stronger and wiser, and better prepared to succeed the next time, and yes, there will be a next time.” – runners world, august 2013 “it’s okay to be scared”

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“true, as far as risks go, the ones we take as runners are pretty low-stakes. still. in this day and age, how many people voluntarily face any sort of fear at all? how many people opt to push themselves a little bit farther, or harder, than they ever have before?

how many people step up to the edge, and jump?”  -runners world, august 2013 “it’s okay to be scared”

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“It’s important to know that at the end of the day it’s not the medals you remember. What you remember is the process — what you learn about yourself by challenging yourself, the experiences you share with other people, the honesty the training demands — those are things nobody can take away from you. ” –Silken Laumann, Canadian Olympian 
 644358_10100732549182785_77099399_n 1012337_10100827895807385_1378540327_n


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