that first step out the door

is always the hardest.

it’s been a successful first three weeks thus far. the 8 and 9 mile long runs each saturday morning were in the front of my mind for months before training even started. now that they are behind me i feel much more relaxed and confident in this training season. it has been beyond great reconnecting with my running buddies/girlfriends during those runs & i am actually starting to look forward to the next 16 weeks that remain.

with christmas & new years behind me including an abundance of cheese, crackers, and dips, my focus has shifted to myself completely – a healthier mind and body. tracking everything that goes in and out can be daunting but i know i will be thankful for it when i step up to the start line feeling my best. i found a lot of joy in those first two long runs around boston. the first to beacon hill and back – stopping on the way back to take a group photo at my favorite view in the city. i find that this helped all three of us slow down and enjoy what we were doing and why we were there…


the next 9 miles was just two of us but we made an effort to do the same. stopping in the middle of the mass ave bridge which was about our halfway point of the run- it was great to take a moment and soak our surroundings & take some more pictures. i will never get sick of that view, regardless that i see it every single day on my commute to and from work. it brings up a different emotion when you are on foot as opposed to riding the T or being in the car… i feel small. i feel proud that i can train in the city i will run in. i feel proud of the other runners griding it out on saturday mornings. i want to know who they all are. i want to know why they are running. i really want to be friends with them… but that’s probably a little weird.

the following weekend i ran in the somerville jingle bell 5k – i love this race. just about everyone is in a festive holiday costume, ready for their free beers by 10am (mainly my friends). i enjoyed running with some new and old friends, listening to the crowds and conversation around me for those 3 miles. music is definitely a big part of my life whether running or relaxing, but i am sometimes amazed at how great company and good conversation can pass the run much more quickly than the songs. i am looking forward to the months of continued bonding i will have with my friends during training this year.

ImageOn a sidenote, I am thinking of keeping a separate album of all of the picturesi take throughout training & create something with them once we are closer to the start date… i’ll have to start brainstorming now. i’m a sucker for a group photo or good motivational quote. 

Happy Running! Image

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